My daughter entered the Los Pasitos program about a year ago. It was one of the best things I have ever done for her because of her sensory needs. She would not let me do her hair like other little girls, put socks on her with her shoes, she would not wear clothes in her car seat, or even have a decent night
sleep; and she was two!

Ever since having her in the program she has really progressed. My team gave
me great tips on how to help her during our daily routine so I did not have to do anything extra with her. She is about to be four and is able to wear socks, having a better sleep routine and is even letting me do her hair more often (not as much as I would like, but still there is a big difference!). I would recommend this program to everyone no matter how small the parents concern. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and Los Pasitos was there to help me when I needed it most.

Gwyn and Genia have been so amazing with our girls. Our daughter Aniston had speech therapy sessions with Gwyn for about nine months. In those nine months our sweet but quiet girl became a social and talkative child. It changed everything. Since she can now verbalize her feelings, wants and needs she is so much happier.  She bonded with Gwyn right away and was always excited for therapy.  Aniston turned three this last April and graduated from the program and did well in pre-school last school year and is ready to go start back this year. We have had a wonderful positive experience.

Our 21 month old daughter Jordyn now sees Genia and Gwyn. She has been having physical therapy and speech therapy with them for about six months. When therapy began with Jordyn she wasn’t walking and refused to wear shoes. She talked here and there but we felt that Gwyn could help her become more social and talkative like she had helped Aniston. A few months after therapy began Jordyn started walking everywhere. It is so wonderful. She can now follow her sisters everywhere. She is so happy and she wears shoes now too. She also talks a lot now and will repeat everything. We are so happy about how far our girls have come and we know the services they received from Gwyn and Genia is a big contribution to their success for the future. We
are so thankful. They are wonderful and sweet ladies.

My daughter Cielo has been in the program with Los Pasitos since she was about 9 months, she is now 2 years old. Cielo and I have learned so much from them even her big brother Javier. I got to say I have loved everything about it. First of all the therapist she sees quite a bit and we have gotten close to each and one of them that work with her. I love how they have patience and do everything to make her feel comfortable. I love how they include brother when he is at home. Cielo has improved so much since she has joined this program. She looks forward to seeing her girls all the time. The therapist help by working around our schedule and are really good about sending reminder texts before they come. Which I need most of the time jaja (haha) all I have to say is Thank You Los Pasitos you guys are awesome and I would definitely recommend them to anybody.