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Los Pasitos learning center is founded on the principle that all children deserve quality childcare. We believe that young children learn through play and exploration of their environment. We facilitate children’s learning, of all abilities, through a play based curriculum using tactile and multi-cultural toys, sensory exploration centers, child-initiated art, and a playground accessible to all children. Teachers interact frequently with all children initiating discussion and responding to children’s cues for attention and care giving as soon as possible.

Los Pasitos’s Center-based “curriculum”, or plan for learning, hinges on two fundamental aspects of childhood: play and daily routines. Los Pasitos uses learning centers with developmentally appropriate activities and a play based daily routine to ensure skill development through their play. Children are given the opportunity to choose and experiment in the learning centers within the classroom. We believe that learning center activities are opportunities for children to learn skills in large muscle movement (gross motor), small muscle movement (fine motor), understanding and communicating with others, doing things for him/her self (adaptive/self help), developing relationships and feelings about ones self (social emotional), thinking and problem solving (cognitive) and child initiated art and music (creativity). Los Pasitos enhances these opportunities for children to learn by allowing them to explore the environment and support them with many teacher child interactions throughout their play and daily activities.

In an effort to provide paramount services, Los Pasitos is committed to participation in the State Improvement Project entitled AIM HIGH. The purpose of the project is to insure that licensed child care programs offer top quality services to children and families receiving the child care subsidy. There are 5 steps to this Innovative Program Development; Level 1 – Administrative Polices and Procedures, 2 Environment and Curriculum, 3 Staff Development, 4 Child/Staff Ratios, 5 National Accreditation. I am proud to announce that in under two months, Los Pasitos not only qualified for level 1 but also qualified for level 2. Our team is dedicated and determined to only be satisfied after we complete level 5.

The children’s health is also a very important aspect for our program. We are certified through the Children and Adult Food Care Program through CYF of NM. The program helps us to ensure that we are providing sanitary, nutritional, balanced meals to every child everyday. We adhere to family style dining where all children and their teacher sit at the table together and learn to serve themselves, wait for each one to have their servings and then enjoy their meal.

Last but not least, we involve our children in the community on a regular basis. They are invited to Walmart on a regular basis for story time and are told they are the best behaved children that are invited. During the summer, they go to the movies every week, to the park for picnics, library, go to the Yucca center, planetarium, museum.

When a young child experiences challenges in meeting developmental milestones, it is important that families have the knowledge and support to encourage his or her development, problem-solve issues around everyday routines and activities, and recognize and use their own strengths to reach their goals for their child and family.

The professionals of the Los Pasitos Early Intervention Program offer this knowledge and support to families who have children with or at risk for developmental delays. Eligible children under the age of three may have:

  • - An established condition, such as Down syndrome or cerebral palsy
  • - A biological/medical risk, such as prematurity, seizures, or chronic ear infection
  • - An environmental risk, including factors such as abuse or domestic violence
  • - A developmental delay, which is a delay of at least 25% in any one of the developmental areas

If a parent, child care staff, or other concerned person has a question about a child’s development, Los Pasitos provides a free developmental evaluation to determine if the child is eligible for early intervention services. Our service coordinators will work with each family to identify the appropriate source of payment, which may include Medicaid, private insurance, or state general fund.

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