Los Pasitos partners with families to nurture and advocate for their child’s development through coaching and modeling in their natural environment so that parents and caregivers can shine while helping their child reach their full potential one tiny step at a time.

About Us

When a young child experiences challenges in meeting developmental milestones, it is important that families have the knowledge and support to encourage his or her development, problem-solve issues around everyday routines and activities, and recognize and use their own strengths to reach their goals for their child and family.

The professionals of the Los Pasitos Early Intervention Program offer this knowledge and support to families who have children with, or are at risk for, developmental delays. 

  • Judy Sainz
    My daughter Cielo has been in the program with Los Pasitos since she was about 9 months, she is now 2 years old. Cielo and I have learned so much from them even her big brother Javier. I got to say I have loved everything about it. Thank You Los Pasitos.
    Judy Sainz

Eligible children under the age of three may have:

  • An established condition, such as Down syndrome or cerebral palsy
  • A biological/medical risk, such as prematurity, seizures, or chronic ear infection
  • An environmental risk, including factors such as abuse or domestic violence
  • A developmental delay, which is a delay of at least 25% in any one of the developmental areas

If a parent, child care staff, or other concerned person has a question about a child’s development, Los Pasitos Early Intervention provides a free developmental evaluation to determine if the child is eligible for early intervention services. Our service coordinators will work with each family to identify the appropriate source of payment, which may include Medicaid, private insurance, or the state general fund.